Still doodle mini-course

How to keep your doodle still for grooming?

Perfect for beginner dog-human teams and for those who already have experience with dog grooming but feel stuck with a wiggly doodle to work on and want to groom safely, calmly, and efficiently. This behavior-oriented mini-course is the jackpot and joker course for those who are seeking to transform squirmy doodles and have them slow down and be still for any grooming steps. We are combining environmental factors, exercise, training while emphasizing the importance of using the right tools for the right tasks. The discussed methods keep comfort in the equation, along with efficiency, to achieve a cooperative outcome.

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From squirmy to still

A step-by-step guide to success.

Dedicated to those who want to get a better understanding of what plays a role in keeping dogs still or making them squirmy. For those who want to learn what to do to reach desirable and significant behavior changes the fastest. We focus on solutions that will work in the short run and long run as well, so your relationship with your dog will thrive before, meanwhile, and after grooming. Having a high energy level dog cooperate is based on multiple tiny steps, not on one magic formula. It's an art based on science. Knowing how to modify the environment, to aid calmness in your dog, to get the right tools for the right job, and to use them in a way that will be comfortable enough so your doodle will cooperate are only a few aspects of the resolution. This mini-course will help you see what lures dogs away from calmness and how you can get ahold of the wheel and steer your experience towards peaceful teamwork. This course applies to any grooming steps, so perfect for beginners for brushing, combing, and for those who want to use it for haircuts as well.

Extract from the Doodle Coat Care 101 course

This 5-hour extract from the Doodle Coat Care 101 course is a good size piece of cake on how to keep doodles still for grooming. It will help you take a peek behind the scene and to keep a few tricks up your sleeve to do your own magic with your doodle at home.

What's included?

✔ 5E-s Elixir (Exercise, Environment, Elimination, Equipment, Experience - past and present)
✔ Gentle grooming workflow and methods.
Dog love languages.
✔ Table manners for you.
Table manners for your doodle.
✔ Getting used to grooming positionings.

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