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Methods for low-distraction atmospheres

Betty is sharing topics and methods on her sites and in her online groups that some of the professional groomers might find new, strange, or scary when they imagine using the techniques in a high-distraction grooming environment as is.

Betty would like to emphasize that the techniques and methods she uses are designed to be used in a low-distraction atmosphere. They are dedicated for pawrents in the first place, who are equipped with an abundance of time, space, training, and trust when it comes to grooming their doodle.

The methods can also be used by groomers who choose to work in a one-on-one setting like from home, at a location, or as mobile or housecall groomers, where a low distraction environment is easier to achieve.

The methods Betty uses and promotes are not designed for the everyday busy grooming salons out there with multiple tables in an open space with tons of people and dogs moving around.

A different take on dog handling

Betty's approach is radically different from the corporate grooming routines that take up the vast majority of the industry. The grooming techniques you will read/see here needs to be supplemented with training and physical exercise before the spa day.

When we combine that with removing possible distractions from the environment where the grooming takes place, and we add "positive distractions" (bonding, treats, toys, funny noises, butt rubs, breaks, etc.) to build connection, to focus attention, and shape behavior, we will get a trusting, and supportive relationship between dog and care provider.

Participants will collaborate in harmony because, in a quiet environment, it is enough to whisper to be heard, for dogs and groomers alike.

That intentional chain of changes results in eliminating the need for grooming loops, muzzles, goatee grabs, etc.

Get your freedom back!

There are more and more groomers who gave a try and experienced the difference of the above path, fell in love with peace, and choose to work from home or designed their multi-dog at a time dog spa around the principals mentioned above.

Groomers who chose to go solo enjoy working at their own pace, work on significantly fewer dogs a day than the corporate world's demands required them, yet make considerably more money.

They have the freedom of choice (they are not bound to any contracts) and can work in an environment that fuels their calmness and patience.

They can take the time and transform behavior with their clients for a more comfortable grooming experience and a less physically demanding workload while getting paid for their time and efforts.

They enjoy that there is no need to invest in cages when they start after grooming school, so setting up their new business is a more affordable investment than they might think.

Dogs pick up on the care provider's mood in any setting and will tune in, let it be calmness or stress, and will react similarly. Let's support relaxation with one dog at a time!

Fuel your passion

Fresh groomer graduates can easily find new clients with this approach because there are an abundance and rapidly growing number of pawrents who are seeking these standards of care for their dogs.

Groomers can make grooming more fun and less stressful by avoiding the corporate world and going solo. Groomers with years of experience who wish to find a calmer, more relaxing, grooming environment to work in and are ready to ditch the busy salon life can also take advantage of this approach.

Groomers who decide on this path also choose to take better care of themselves regarding physical and mental health, financial stability and can start their own business and have the freedom to be their own bosses.

It is significantly easier to work on dogs that cooperate, and it sure is more joyful for all participants on either end of the grooming table.

Learn from Betty's experience

If you are a groomer (beginner or with years of experience) and you seek calm, and peace for grooming for yourself and your furry clients as well, but struggle with what the next steps are to get out of the corporate world or do not even want to get in there the first place, reach out to Betty. She will be happy to get you started!

Take the matter of your happiness, financial stability, and physical health in your hand and get the solution you need!

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