At DIY Doodle Grooming Academy, grooming your doodle is the least, and the last you will learn how to do. We embrace the importance of not only getting dogs to do what we want them to do but to get them to do it willingly. Instead of adding more tools that restrict their movement, we use none. We look deeper and find the root cause of the dog's reaction. We modify behavior by meeting the dog's newly discovered needs and the care provider's needs at the same time while keeping safety as our highest priority. We find it indispensable to create a low distraction environment for grooming high energy level dogs and using tools and methods that are comfortable as well as effective. We implement force-free dog training into the introduction and desensitization plans, and we help build a strong bond and understanding between dog and care provider, to make grooming off-leash teamwork, in comfort, safety, and cooperation. The connection between species you will explore here might look like magic; it sure feels extraordinary and comes with a step-by-step guide for you to accomplish.


We believe dog grooming can be as relaxing, rejuvenating, and beautifying as your spa day, and we aim to teach you to provide nothing less to your doodles as well.

Meet the founder

Want to get to know the mind behind Doodle Grooming Academy? Meet Betty!

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