Doodle pawrents' pocket guide to full-body haircuts at home.

for doodles 3+ months

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Lessons for all skill level

Designed for those doodle grooming enthusiasts who already know how to do basic and advanced maintenance, how to prepare the coat for a haircut, and are ready to immerse in haircut options and learn how to perform them. This course covers multiple haircut options, like the puppy cut, Teddy bear style, summer cut, winter trim, and how to do a short shave when it is necessary. We will detail how to do clipper cut, and shear trims on all body parts, along with handling tools, positioning the dog, and tool maintenance.

Haircuts for any lifestyle

Let it be you'd like to do a longer trim or a field cut, it is included in this course. Hairstyling is covered for all body parts, including handling and the best tools to reach an even look.


Detailing different hairstyles and their hair maintenance.

Haircut tools

What tools to get? How to use them? What's for what?


Create an atmosphere that leads to joyful haircuts.

Did you know?

Grooming dogs can happen safely
without using grooming loops and restraint.

Since most grooming tables come with at least one grooming loop,
one might think we are supposed to use them.

If kids can get a joyful and stylish haircut without being handcuffed to the chair,
so can dogs get a relaxing spa day. We just need to step up our game.

Here you come to the rescue!

Easy as 123...

Everything in one place served in treat-sized portions.


Getting used to grooming

Practicing for off-loop grooming.



What's for what and how to use them safely? 


at home

Trimming head, body, legs, feet,  and tail.

What's included?

✔ A doodle grooming specialist's experience and suggestions.
Professional grooming tools. (clippers, clipper blades, snap-on combs, shears, etc.)
✔ Safe tool handling.
Haircut options under the microscope.
✔ The importance of a perfectly prepped coat.
Styling the head.
✔ Styling the body.
✔ Styling the legs.
✔ Styling the feet.
✔ Styling the tail.
✔ Sanitary trim with clippers.
✔ Setting up the grooming area for success.
✔ Grooming table manners for you.
✔ Grooming table manners for your doodle.
The importance and impact of compassion and empathy in grooming.
Resolving behavioral issues.

See the Curriculum!


✔ Hairstyles to clipper blades conversion chart
✔ Gentle grooming workflow
✔ Coat prep checklist
✔ Top 10 nail care secrets
✔ Mat anatomy
✔ Doodle behavior assessment sheet
✔ Private Hairstyling community
✔ 20% off coupon valid for all other courses

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What others have to say about the course

Jeff's story

Zayda's first haircut (Bernedoodle)

Claudia's story

Zane's first haircut (Australian labradoodle)

"I did it! Thanks for the videos. I look forward to the rest of the advanced course next week. Next time, I'll do something differently on his head, but for the first time, I'm pleased. Zane did well."
~Claudia Pegues Barlow

Zane learning with Claudia

Before and after front view

Before and after back view

Zane's first haircut in full glory

Rebecca's story

Gigi's first haircut (F1 Cavapoo)

"After days of planning, shopping, asking & receiving tons of advice and suggestions from fellow fur parents and super kind Betty Peto, I finally gave my Gigi a full groom a few days ago for the very first time. It was actually much easier than I thought. It took 2 days and lots of her favorite treat AND COUNTLESS OF SWEET CONVERSATIONS WITH HER (I believe she understands and it makes the process very easy for both of us). Sharing a short video clip and a few pictures of before and after. Not bad huh. It's not perfect but I'm very proud of myself and my fur baby. ❤️"

Before and after the haircut

Before and after (bird view)

The twins

After the haircut