Doodle Coat Care 101

Doodle pawrents' pocket guide to essential coat care at home.

for doodles 4+ months

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Want to make brushing, bathing your doodle fun and productive teamwork?

Choosing the right tools, using them the right way and in the right order makes or breaks the experience for every participant. The way you care for your doodle's coat ensures the perfect haircut at the groomer (or at home) and prevents you all from ever seeing your doodle naked in a short shave.

Grooming needs

What needs to be done? And when?

Grooming tools

What tools to get? How to use them?


Create an atmosphere that leads to joyful spa days.

Did you know?

The tools you use might be the #1 reason why your doodle is squirmy for brushing.

Understanding what tools work best and why for your doodle will have you score a whole bunch of good points. Bonus, you get to enjoy a still and cooperative doodle, get done faster, and result in fabulous results.

Here you come to the rescue!

Easy as 123...

Everything in one place served in bite-sized portions.



Practicing for report cards you will frame.


Coat care
at home

Brushing, combing, bath, drying. 



Eye area, paws, privates, and nails.

What's included?

✔ A doodle grooming specialist's experience and suggestions.
Gentle grooming tools - what to get, what to avoid?
Gentle, non-toxic grooming supplies (shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
Grooming needs of doodle 4+ months.
Choosing tools and methods that aid comfort and cooperation.
The importance and impact of compassion and empathy in grooming.
What to do that results in a calm and cooperative doodle?
Dog love languages.
Grooming games - to make grooming fun at home and with the groomer.
Grooming wellness checkups - When is it time for a spa day?
How to brush and comb so your doodle will cooperate?
✔ Understanding mats.
Finding and resolving smaller mats.
Bath and dry

See the Curriculum!


✔ Tools and supplies for doodles 4+ months (list with direct links)
✔ Gentle grooming workflow
Doodle mat map
✔ Wellness checkup checklist
✔ Top 10 nail care secrets
✔ Mat anatomy
✔ Doodle behavior assessment sheet
✔ How to find a groomer who cares?
✔ How to talk so groomers will listen?
✔ Private Doodle coat care 101 community
✔ 20% off coupon valid for all other courses

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