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Joyful pawdicure at home.

for canines of any age and breed

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The most advanced method existing

Nail types, nail layers, and positioning

Combining an error-free nail trimming technique with dog training methods, the Paw care course is a promise for successful outcomes. The tools are narrowed down to the ones that are meeting needs for safety, comfort, and efficiency at the same time. The in-depth paw and nail anatomy guarantee a simple, logical, and trustworthy formula to lean on for nail trimming and filing. Positioning, desensitization, and behavior modification further aid a calm, still, and cooperative experience for both you and your fur baby.

Nail care

What needs to be done? And when?

Paw care

What tools to get? How to use them?


Create an atmosphere that leads to joyful paw care.

Did you know?

The trimming method on the left almost guarantees the quick will be hit. Ironically, it is the most common holding technique out there.

Knowledge to the rescue!

Understanding and differentiating among
nail types and the layers of the nail
will make or break your success in nail trimming safety.

Easy as 123...

Everything in one place served in bite-sized portions.



Practicing for cooperative pawdicures.


Nail trimming
at home

Nail anatomy, trimming, filing, paw hair trim. 



Toenails, dewclaws, paw hair length assessment.

What's included?

✔ A nail care specialist's experience and suggestions.
Gentle nail care tools - what to get, what to avoid?
Paw care needs of canines.
Choosing tools and methods that aid comfort and cooperation.
The importance and impact of compassion and empathy for pawdicures.
What to do that results in a calm and cooperative dog?
Dog love languages.
Transforming behavior.
Nail length assessment - When is it time for a pawdicure?
✔ Error-free nail trimming method
✔ Nail filing
✔ Paw hair trim


✔ Tools and supplies for doodles 4+ months (list with direct links)
✔ Gentle nail care workflow
Canine nail anatomy
✔ Paw care checkup checklist
✔ Top 10 nail care secrets
✔ Canine behavior assessment sheet
✔ Private Paw care community
✔ 25% off coupon valid for all other courses

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