Detangling, Dematting, Deshedding

Doodle pawrents' pocket guide to saving coat gently.

for doodles 3+ months

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Saving a long coat and keeping doodles still

The secret sauce of gentle detangling

This 3-hour course is an extract from the Face, Feet, Fanny trim, and dematting course. You can get a taste of how to approach tangles and choose tools and methods to find and deal with them efficiently.

What's included?

✔ Gentle dematting tools.
Finding tangles and mats.
Anatomy of tangles and mats.
✔ Hair tangling elves.
Creating a doodle mat map.
Gentle methods to resolve mats and saving the coat.
✔ Gentle methods to keep doodles still for dematting
✔ Deshedding protocol.

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