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Betty Peto created the Doodle Grooming Academy to help doodles and pawrents make grooming doodles joyfully practical.


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The Puppy Coat Care 101 course covers questions like:

✔  What grooming tools should I get for my puppy?
✔  My puppy won't stay still for brushing. What should I do?
✔  How often should I bathe my doodle? What is the best shampoo?
✔  My puppy hates/is afraid of the dryer. What should I do?
✔  What's the order? Bath - brush or brush - bath?
  I use only a comb for grooming on my wavy coated dog. Can that work for my curly-coated adolescent as well?
✔  My puppy bites the brush/me when I am grooming him/her. What should I do?

Learn more about Puppy Coat Care 101 >

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About Betty's grooming methods

"Which tools should I get?" is a big question.
"How to keep my doodle still to use it?" is even more significant.

Grooming doodles is one of the most satisfying yet most challenging tasks at the same time. It's not only the abundance of hair pawrents are facing to care for, but it's riding on a Perpetuum mobile, which needs to be slowed down for the spa days.

Betty's grooming methods not only cover the tools and to-dos from a hair maintenance perspective but also emphasizes the magic behind keeping doodles comfortable enough to cooperate off-leash for grooming.

To learn more about Betty's grooming techniques and personality, feel free to check out:

Doodle Grooming Academy's Facebook group
Doodle Groomer Chick's website
Doodle Groomer Chick Facebook Page

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