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Everything from the daily basics to a haircut

Your one-stop-shop for step-by-step instructions, from a doodle specialist

Brushing, combing, gentle tools, natural supplies, bath, drying, behavior modification, face, feet, fanny trim, nail care, dematting, deshedding, hair styling on all body parts.

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Doodle Grooming 101

Puppy Grooming 101

Face, Feet, Fanny, and Dematting


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Intermediate Bundle

Advanced Bundle

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The Best Tools

Gentle, yet effective.

Shortcut to the best tools, handpicked and tested by the Doodle Gromer Chick herself.

Still Doodle Spell

Bye-bye restraint. Hello, teamwork!

Instant elixir of environment, tools, grooming methods, training, and exercise for joyfully productive grooming.

The Best Supplies

Pretty and pampered.

Non-toxic grooming supplies that keep tangles away and make the coat feel like a soft cloud.

Essential Coat Care Between Grooming Appointments

What every doodle and groomer wish doodle pawrents knew.

Puppies' Grooming Needs

0-4 months

Did you know that puppies need
about four FFF trims (Face, Feet, Fanny)
before they finish all their puppy shots?

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Doodles' Grooming Needs

4+ months

Learn how often your baby needs a FFF trim (Face, Feet, Fanny),
when to get a haircut, and how to keep mats away!

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Intermediate Grooming

Wellness trimming at home between and before haircuts.

Face, Feet, Fanny Trim

Eye area, pads, privates.

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Saving the coat, the gentle way.

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Nail it!

Joyful paw care. It's a thing.

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Advanced Grooming

Full-body haircuts at home.


Beauty and style provided by you.

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