Everything from the daily basics to a haircut

Your one-stop-shop for step-by-step instructions, from a doodle specialist

Brushing, combing, gentle tools, natural supplies, bath, drying, behavior modification, face, feet, fanny trim, nail care, dematting, deshedding, hair styling on all body parts.

The Best Tools

Gentle, yet effective.

Shortcut to the best tools, handpicked and tested by the Doodle Gromer Chick herself.

Still Doodle Spell

Bye-bye restraint. Hello, teamwork!

Instant elixir of environment, tools, grooming methods, training, and exercise for joyfully productive grooming.

The Best Supplies

Pretty and pampered.

Non-toxic grooming supplies that keep tangles away and make the coat feel like a soft cloud.

Essential Coat Care Between Grooming Appointments

What every doodle and groomer wish doodle pawrents knew.

Puppies' Grooming Needs

0-4 months

Did you know that puppies need
about four FFF trims (Face, Feet, Fanny)
before they finish all their puppy shots?

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Doodles' Grooming Needs

4+ months

Learn how often your baby needs a FFF trim (Face, Feet, Fanny),
when to get a haircut, and how to keep mats away!

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Intermediate Grooming

Wellness trimming at home between and before haircuts.

Face, Feet, Fanny Trim

Eye area, pads, privates.

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Saving the coat, the gentle way.

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Nail it!

Joyful paw care. It's a thing.

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Advanced Grooming

Full-body haircuts at home.


Beauty and style provided by you.

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