Shopping list for face, feet, fanny trim, and mats course

Tools for Face, Feet, Fanny Trim, and Dematting

3+ month

For adventurous DIYer pawrents to perform intermediate nurturing for their doodles between haircuts. Here we discuss the tools necessary to do eye area trim, paw hair trim, fanny trims, to do blow-drying, detangling, dematting, and preparing the coat for a haircut.

Tool List for Face, Feet, Fanny Trim, and Dematting

for junior and adult doodles

Dematting, Deshedding tools

Slicker brush
for prevention, detangling, dematting

Pin brush
for after stretch drying, recreational brushing

to check for leftover tangles and mats

for clean coat

for a softer coat

Small blow-dryer
for training, drying, searching

High-velocity blow-dryer*
for training, drying, searching, detangling, deshedding
* for doodles 6 months of age or older

** I do not recommend dematting rakes, dematting sprays, nor dry shampoos.

Face, Feet, Fanny, trim tools

Pre-haircut shear
for a paw hair trim

Thinning shear
for eye area trim

Dog nail file
for making nails smooth

Ear hair powder
for plucking ears when necessary

Dematting, deshedding tools

#1. Slicker brush

For resolving tangles and mats, for stretch drying


Big K by Chris Christensen

Get it on!

The Big K from Chris Christensen is going to change not only your life but also your doodle's for the better, forever. It is featuring over one inch long pins, a pin cushion to keep the pressure away from the skin, half of the pins, so it glides through even the thickest coat without extensive pulling. Yet it is the most effective brush in loosening tangles and opening up mats.

Note: On doodle forums, you might see the coral version, the Big G, as a suggestion for doodles. While I find that color more appealing, it has a critical feature that makes it not suitable for a doodle coat. It has two times more pins compared to the Big K, making the latter way more comfortable and practical on the doodle coat. Go with the Big K!


Yento Mega Pin

Get it from!

The Yento Mega Pin is the closest you can get to the Big K. The Yento mega pin slicker brush is a dense brush with 1 1/8" long, medium-firm pins. It does not have a pincushion feature. It is suggested to use on hair length and thickness around 1 1/8" or shorter. It is suitable to be used on heavy, curly, wavy, or straight coats. It needs to be modified a bit. The angle of the pins needs to be opened up to 150 degrees.

#1. +1 Tennis grip

For tuning-up the brush handle


Gamma leather tennis grip

Get it on!

My Big K got a bit of a tune-up for more comfort for me. I have large hands, and the coating on the brush, though it is indeed super soft and silky, makes my palms sweat like mad after three seconds. I came up with a DIY solution for getting a thicker handle and a better grip on it. I wrapped it in a leather Gamma tennis grip, and it became the most comfortable tool ever.

Note: The brush is OK the way it comes, but I prefer the wrap on the handle, paws down; it's a significant difference. It takes less than about 5 mins to wrap it, and the results will spoil you throughout the brush's lifetime. I highly recommend getting this $10ish upgrade. 

#2. Pin brush

For blow-drying and loosening the coat before trims

Mars Pin Brush

Get it from!

For gently separating the coat while blow-drying. It won't scratch the exposed skin under a wet coat. It will help to speed up the drying and will loosen up the coat right before haircuts.

#3. Comb

For finding tangles and mats

A medium-coarse comb with one inch long pins is a great tool to find tangles and mats in the doodle coat. 1" length works up to one-inch long coat. It is very comfortable to use on either end of the comb. You most likely going to need the coarse side only. The 1 inch long pins are thick, they won't bend, and are comfortably rounded on the end.


Maximillian Medium-coarse Comb - 1" pins

Get this 1" pin comb on!


Andis Medium-coarse Comb - 1" pins

Get this 1" pin comb on!


Resco Coarse Comb - 1.5" pins

Get this Resco 1.5" pin comb from!


Chris Christensen 005 Comb - 2" pins

Get this comb from!

#4. Shampoo

For keeping the coat cleaning 


Earthbath - Hypoallergenic shampoo

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The Earthbath Hypo-allergenic shampoo is my favorite shampoo of all for puppies. Super gentle on the skin, it cleanses outstandingly, while keeping the natural oils of the skin on the dog. It gives a non-sticky finish, basically has no smell, which will help your puppy feel naturally clean, and his/her nose in peace. When you use the scent-free shampoo, your puppy won't feel the urge to use "doggy camouflage" and roll in dirt or smelly stuff right after a spa day. This shampoo's ingredients are gentle enough on puppy and human skin, so I highly recommend using it for home spa days after a good brush and comb out! Even bringing it to your groomer along with the conditioner so you won't miss a day of softness! :)

#5. Conditioner

For keeping the coat soft, tangle, and mat-free, to make brushing easier


Earthbath - Oatmeal & Aloe Conditioner

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My favorite conditioner, also from Earthbath is the Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner. It makes the coat so soft you won't stop cuddling your doodle after a bath. And the cherry on the top is it helps hugely with brushing, and it keeps the coat tangle and mat-free. It is the richest conditioner I know on the market with the safest ingredient combination I came across so far. I highly recommend using this conditioner for home spa days after a thorough brush and comb out and the shampoo.

#6. Hand blow-dryer

For drying, finding mats, loosening coat for brushing, haircuts


John 2200W Blow-dryer

Get it on!

For puppies, beginners even for adult doodles, face area, and sensitive spots, I highly recommend using a small, hand-held dryer like this. Your own might work as well, or you can get one dedicated to your doodle's spa days. I like this small hand blow-dryer a lot since it has 2 volume settings, low and high. Also cool, warm, and hot settings to make getting dry more pleasant in any season and temperature preferences. It's way less loud and much easier to handle than a high-velocity dryer, but will go through the puppy and even ~1" long adult coat easily. It can be used to search for skin injuries and mats.

#7. High-velocity blow-dryer

For drying, finding mats, loosening coat for brushing

High-velocity blow-dryers (HVBDs) are great for drying, finding mats, and to perform a one minute "brush out" on a tangled, curly coat. HVBDs are not must-have tools but I highly recommend them for doodle's who have a thick coat around or over 1.5 inches long. Especially recommend it for those with super thick, curly, or a crinkled coat, or a combination of these. I highly recommend HVBDs to pawrents who frequently do a bath, because they have pools at home or because their doodles get to play in water frequently and rock longer coats than 3/4".


Dog Blow-dryer

Get it from!

Variety of dryers to check out on!

When I see a blow-dryer, there are a few features I'm looking for in them. I want a long hose (or expandable) to keep the source of the loud sound furthest away from the dog and myself. Dogs appreciate it if you can adjust the temperature of the air, so getting one that can do it is desired. Having a filter in the back will make the dryer longer-lasting since it'll keep out the hair from the motor area. I like the flat or the narrow, rounded head to most effectively loosen up the coat.

Face, Feet, Fanny Trim tools

For trimming the hair around the eye area, paw pads, private areas, and under the ears

Pre-haircut shear

The tank of shears. Cheap and super sturdy, even on dirty hair.


Con-Air Pro Shear

Get the 5" on!
Get the 6" on!

I present you the tank of shears the Con-Air PRO Pre-haircut shear, for trimming paw hair, eye area, and privates. The 5-inch version is for petite dogs, the 6-inch version is for mini, medium, or standard-sized dogs. The heart-shaped tips make it safe to work among the paw pads and between the toes. It's sharp enough to trim hair with it easily anywhere on the puppy's body, let it be paw hair, eye area, ear hair, privates, etc. It's very hard to hurt the dog with it. Goes through mats, mud, eye boogers, and dry poop yet stays sharp enough to easily trim coat afterward. You can perform an eye area trim with this shear only, but it can leave sharp lines. If you combine it or replace it with a thinning shear for the eye area trim, you'll get the smoothest look, no lines.

Thinning shears

For trimming the hair around the eyes

The coat has to be absolutely clean, freshly bathed, and dried, otherwise, the shears below will get dull very fast. Frequent sharpening costs money and it shortens the life span of shears. If you get a longer shear, it'll be a tad trickier to get used to it, but you'll be able to use it for other body parts, too.


Swivl SpeedCut™ 35 Tooth

Get it from!

The Swivl SpeedCut™ 35 Tooth is my favorite gear to do spectacular, line-free eye area trim easily and fast. By investing in a tool like this, you are not only buying the tool but also buying experience with it, too.

Top tip: Before you would jump in and get one, I encourage you to learn more about the thinning shear types so you will buy only the type(s) you need. Not more, not less.





Scorpion 46-tooth 7.0" Thinner

Get it on!

This shear is the golden middle between the $200 and the $10+ price ranges. If you get a 7" long one, you can "repurpose" it and use it for other minor trimmings around the body effectively.


Texturizing shear

Get it from!

Thinning shear on the budget. Though it is originally for humans, I tested it on dog hair and it performs the same way as a $50 dog grooming shear. It works slower than the $150+ range shears, but it gets the job done.

Dog nail file


Safari Dog nail file

Get it on!

My favorite nail file of all time is the Stainless Steel Safari Diamond Dog Nail File. So much so, that I don't use any machine type grinders. The size is perfect for puppies and adults as well. A comfortable handle puts a smile on your face, and the proper grit size puts one on your doodle's face. You will work effectively and comfortably. It works fast, makes the nails rounded and smooth, no edges to plow up your thigh or scratch your dog's cornea. A great alternative to machine grinders.

Ear powder

For gentle and fast ear hair removal

Miracle care ear powder

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My favorite ear hair powder is the Miracle care ear powder. It enables me to minimize sensation by getting a good grip on the ear hair without my fingers sliding, and it also helps to remove dirt and wax from the outside of the ear canal and inner side of the ear flap.

Miscellaneous Gadgets for FFFanny trim & Dematting

for doodle grooming

RoyalCare Silicone Dog Treat Pouch

Get it on!

Treat Bag

Made of food-grade silicone, BPA free, safe, and healthy. Easy to Use--The magnet makes it easy to put and take treats out, automatic close after feeding. Lightweight attaches to waist belts, pants, or packages, with a clip. Easy to Clean through a large opening, allows you to wash the pet pouch inner side easily for keeping sanitary. Perfect for super yummy and moist treats, like baked chicken liver. Since it is water-resistant, even moist treats won't stain your clothes.

Doggie Language

A Dog Lover's Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend

book by Lili Chin

Great book illustrating how dogs feel in different situations, so we can adjust the environment to meet their comfort level.

Lick pad

A very efficient tool to keep food motivated doodles occupied in the tub for baths and quick rinses.

Get it on!

Showerhead with hose

This is a great transformation to make your bathroom suitable to effectively soak and rinse your doodle. A quiet showerhead is a guardian angel of cooperative behavior in the tub.

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