Shopping list for Nail it! - paw care course

Paw Care Tools - For All Breeds

Nail trimming can be joyful. Having the right tools means you are halfway there. Learning and practicing trimming and holding methods is the other half.

Tools for Paw Care

Pre-haircut shears
for paw hair trimming

Nail clipper
for shortening nails

Dog nail file
for smoothening nails after nail trimming

Cashew nuts
for sweat-free practicing

Quick stop powder
as a First Aid tool

#1. Pre-haircut Shear


Con-Air Pro Shear

Get the 5" on! (For toy and small breeds.)
Get the 6" on! (For medium and large breeds)

I present you the tank of shears the Con-Air PRO Pre-haircut shear, for trimming paw hair, eye area, and privates. You can get the 5-inch or 6-inch version. For more petite breeds, go with the 5-inch one. Heart-shaped tips make it safe to work among the paw pads and between the toes. It's sharp enough to trim hair with it easily anywhere on the puppy's body, let it be paw hair, eye area, ear hair, privates, etc. It's very hard to hurt the dog with it. Goes through mats, mud, eye boogers, and poop. You can perform an eye area trim with this shear only but makes the smoothest look when combined with thinning shear is not a must.

#2. Nail Clippers


Maximilian Premium Pet Nail Clipper

Get it from!


The Boots and Barkley/Up and Up Nail Clippers

Get it from!


Medium Nail Clippers

Get it from!

#3. Nail File

For Scratch-free Pawdicures


Safari Dog nail file

Get it on!

My favorite nail file of all time is the Stainless Steel Safari Diamond Dog Nail File. The size is perfect for puppies and adults as well. A comfortable handle puts a smile on your face, and the proper grit size puts one on your doodle's face. You will work effectively and comfortably. It works fast, makes the nails rounded and smooth, no edges to plow up your thigh or scratch your dog's cornea.

#4. Cashew nuts

For Practicing Nail Trimming


Cashew Nuts (Unsalted)

Get it from Whole Foods!

Cashew nuts are Mother Nature's dog nail models and are a frugal way to get the hang of nail trimming. Let it be memorizing holding techniques of your hands, dog nails, nail care tools, or you want to practice without worrying about the blood vessels and nerve endings at the beginning, unsalted cashew nuts are going to be your biodegradable dog nail models.

#5. Quick Stop Powder

For First Aid

Quick stop powder

Get it on!

Your backup plan for stopping bleeding fast in case you accidentally hit the quick.

Top tip:

If you join us to the Nail it! - Paw care course, it'll expire on you untouched.

Want to learn how to trim dog nails safely?

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