Awesome doodle accessories

Cool stuff for cool woofs

Pet travel drink cup

for travel

* Food Grade Silicone|BPA Free
* QUICK & CONVENIENT: One-hand operation, easy to feed water
* EASY FOR TRANSPORTATION, Compact water bottle is great for walking and traveling with your dog.
* PERFECTLY SAFE — High-quality material, lead-free, BPA-free, safe and durable, easy dismantling and cleaning.
* DURABLE & EXPANDABLE — Removable top can be washed and easily attached to larger water bottles.18 oz capacity, enough for outdoor walking, hikes, traveling
* LEAK PROOF LOCK WATER— Silica gel seal ring, make sure the water doesn't leak in your bag.

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Slopper stopper bowl

for sparkling clean muzzle hair

Done with red muzzle hair on your sheepadoodle? Want the floor dry and keep the towels not on the ground as rugs? The Slopper stopper bowl will help you with both, without a short shave on the face.

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Lick pad

Ready for a still dog in the tub? Gear up with the lick pad and some peanut butter! 

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Noise reduction

For small blow-dryers

Ready to preserve your dog's and your hearing and take the edge off of the volume you two get exposed to while getting prettier/more handsome? The ZHORN NoNoise Universal Sound Reducer for Hair Dryers will be much help keeping your doodle still for getting dried!

Muddy Muts

dog wear for rainy days

Want to snuggle a clean dood without crazy prep work after mud runs? I just came across these "perro pantalones" and doodle pawrents over @DoodlesOnTheRock:) dig them a lot.

Check out Muddy Mutts for more info!

Ruffwear Dog Shoes

protection from hot or cold grounds

* TRAIL-READY BOOTS: Protect their paws from whatever the trail throws at you; These boots are ideal for backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and any other outdoor adventures
* RUGGED OUTSOLE: Vibram non-marking outsoles with rugged lug design give them traction and flexibility so they can tackle any terrain without breaking their stride
* BREATHABLE MESH: Made with tightly woven air mesh that keeps dirt and debris out while staying comfortable and ventilated all day long
* SECURE FIT: Designed with a wide opening that makes it easy to put boots on; A reliable hook-and-loop cinch closure system ensures a snug, secure fit on all paws
* REFLECTIVE TRIM: Low-light visibility with reflective trim to traverse the evenings and early mornings safely; For extra visibility, pair with reflective Ruffwear collars, leashes, and Beacon light.
* SUMMER - WINTER ready. Let it be hot concrete of freezing temperatures, this boot will help to keep your doodle's paws safe.

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Quiet Collar Solutions

for visibility

Ready to get a gift for your doodle that he/she will enjoy 365 days a year, is long coat friendly, preserves hearing, sanity, teeth, and possibly his/her life because it also works as an ID?

What needs do collars meet?

safety - ID on dog, visibility
* comfort - size, shape
zero noise - tag-free, location  of D-ring
* long coat friendly

What is the solution then?

* embroidery
* engraving (plates, buckles)
* rivets and nameplates

Doodle Pacifier

chewy and long-lasting

Working dog toy, ball on a string, with some weight to it to mimic prey. Doodles love it due to the texture being soft enough to bite in it well and sturdy enough to make it very durable. Flies far without crazy effort.

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Bouncy Teat Pocket

cute bouncy toy

Great for doodles with a softer mouth. It comes in many sizes and can be filled with tummies like frozen berries, peanut butter, kibble, etc. Bonus smile for all.

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Poop bag holder

for free hands on walks

Free up your hand by attaching a poop bag holder to your leash!

* Hands-Free Dog Poop Bag Holder
* Easy to Put On & Remove
* Non-Toxic Durable Rubber
* Lightweight
* Works with Dog Leash (Conventional & Retractable), Dog Carrier, Strollers, Bicycle Carrier, D-rings on a leash, etc.

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